Inkah x Early Childhood Centres New Zealand

We are not just for the home! Inkah has combined the naturally unique beauty of Rattan, creating affordable, environmentally sustainable and long-lasting equipment and furnishings for Early Childhood environments in New Zealand. 


Who is Inkah?

Inkah was created right here in New Zealand, from Hayley’s passion to create a comfortable and happy space for her young daughter, Arlo, to express herself in imaginative and mindful ways. She chose Rattan, an organic species of Palm, as her creative platform for its long-lasting, hardwearing qualities, combined with its authentic, timeless character. A perfect natural resource for children to explore, learn and grow with. 


Our Ethos

Creative Director and Founder of Inkah, Hayley Crossman lives by the ethos that by infusing elements of nature into a child’s surroundings and playtime it wholeheartedly encourages them to independently explore and understand the natural world around them. It supports them in developing a sense of respect and responsibility for the environment and the world that they are a unique part of. 


Our Products

Inkah specialise in of eco-friendly, sustainable products, and host a varied range of play equipment and intricately crafted furnishings, perfect for adding a classic and simplistic style to any classroom and learning environment. 

At Inkah we believe that each and every one of our unique pieces create a welcoming and comfortable learning environment for children of all ages and passions. 


Furniture and Furnishings

Our Frankie Day is one of our absolute favourite idyllic pieces for creating a safe, relaxing and calm environment for reflective moments. Perfect for independent or group reading sessions or just to snuggle up on to unwind at the end of the day. 

We also have a range of beautifully crafted Lola Rattan Chairs, the perfect pieces for infusing natural, rustic charm into any creative space or play corner. Our Maya Rattan Hanging Chair is a favourite amongst our younger audiences, becoming an essential statement piece for the little adventurer at heart! 

We offer a wide range of furnishings to create a comfortable space, but we also have a range of stylish decorative pieces, such as our under the sea collection and our bear and bunny shelves, the perfect minimalist, yet engaging pieces to incorporate into Early Learning Environments. 

Play Equipment 

At Inkah we are driven by our passion to create harmonious, creative and happy spaces for little minds to flourish. Not only do we want to create beautiful and authentic spaces, but we want to encourage imaginative and educational play. We have taken the natural beauty of Rattan and developed a gorgeous line of play equipment and accessories. Specialising in our doll furniture range, we have a number of unique pieces, from our rattan highchair and dolls pram, to our rattan dolls basinet, change table and wardrobe.  We have the perfect accompaniments to create the most inviting home corners. 

For the younger ages we have developed the Zali Rattan Play Gym, exclusive to Inkah. Designed to engage little hands whilst being exceptionally sturdy and safe. This signature piece offers an elegant style while also being practical, featuring 3 bars to hang toys on.


More Info

Inkah and Founder Hayley Crossman have recently been featured in Oh Baby Magazine discussing her passion for creating eco-friendly, sustainable and stylish furnishings. Inkah is also currently welcoming a 20% trade discount, perfect for any Early Childhood Centres. 

Please email us at for more information.