Hayley is a Kiwi mum and the creative director behind the NZ based rattan homewares business, Inkah. Based out of Papamoa in New Zealand. Inkah specialises in bespoke, ethically handcrafted rattan furniture of which Hayley designs herself from her home studio.

When describing her passion and what inspired her to start her small business journey Hayley responded, “The idea has always been a part of my long-term goal, to wake up every day excited and passionate about what I’m doing, to have something I love to put my heart and soul into. The idea began to grow after I had my daughter, Arlo. I was so disheartened by the lack of natural & rattan home decor available in New Zealand" and from there, Inkah was born. 

Hayley discovered her love for rattan furniture while she was traveling around Indonesia and South East Asia for the most part of the past 10 years. She realised a gap in the market for stylish rattan furniture in New Zealand and sought a way to bring these special pieces back to her home. The inspiration for Inkah came from a desire to create an inspiring place for Arlo to explore and grow in.

Through Hayley’s vision, hard work and commitment to her brand and original designs, Inkah has grown in popularity over the past five years and has a strong following on social media both in Australia and in New Zealand, this is a credit to her. When asked what Hayley’s favourite milestone was on her business journey to date, she replied “Filling up my first 40ft shipping container. It’s absolutely crazy to think that when Inkah began my first import was 1 cubic metre and now we are easily filling 76 cubic metres every few months. It’s really exciting, despite the horrendous Covid shipping delays and the prices increasing 700% in the last three months alone. It’s all thanks to such a beautiful, supportive and understanding customer base that Inkah continues to grow and thrive”.

With the success and popularity of Inkah NZ, Hayley has gone on to create new ventures within the rattan furniture industry. Launching her range of child play equipment, decorative pieces and furnishings for Early Childhood Centres across New Zealand, and most recently, launching a new decor range. 

Watch this space for a whole new collection of Inkah goodness in 2024! x